We at Arbeia Asbestos LTD can save you time and ultimately money due to our vast knowledge ans skill set and determination to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Friendly Support

We at Arbeia Asbestos LTD pride ourselves on our reputation for great customer service and support, this has been gained over many years.

Very SECURE Working

At Arbeia Asbestos LTDĀ  we keep up to date with all Health & Safety procedures and endeavour to keep up to date with all qualifications and affiliations.

With over 25 years experience in the industry.

We are the leading Asbestos Removal company based in South Shields

Arbeia Asbestos LTD, Based in South Shields Tyne & Wear specialise in the professional removal of all asbestos material from commercial and private properties.
All of our Workmen are fully trained and certified in all aspects of asbestos services, complying with all regulations, which are meticulously adhered to and monitored. Training and medical observation is undertaken on a continual basis in line with health and safety requirements to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.
Arbeia Asbestos LTD recognise that environmental awareness and legislative consciousness are most important when dealing with the removal and disposal of asbestos. Our Asbestos Removal procedures are in strict compliance with current legislation and therefore protect our clients from the legal implications of dealing with asbestos. Site personnel and the general public are safeguarded throughout the Asbestos Removal by using safe removal techniques and the secure movement and removal of waste.

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